Bottleless Water Dispensers Can Help You Drink Clean Water

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Bottleless water filter

The number of bottled water sales hit nearly 9.2 gallons or 30 gallons per person in 2011 according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. If you want to reduce the amount of bottle water use as well as saving money, there are options for bottleless water dispensers that you can look into getting. With a bottleless water cooler, you will have great tasting water and you will not have to deal with lugging bottles home or paying the high price for bottled water. With filtered water coolers, the system is simply hooked up to your home’s water supply and filtered to taste great just like bottled water. Finding the right bottleless water dispenser company to purchase from will give you the assistance needed to get the perfect system. Many people do not realize that nearly 50 percent of bottled water that was sold in 2009 is from city tap water supplies.

Halsey Taylor, an inventor of the first water fountain lost his father to typhoid fever from drinking bad water. When you want to buy a bottleless water dispenser, there are several options available. You will be able to find a filtered water cooler that fits into your home’s style. With a point of use water cooler, you will be able to get the great clean tasting water that you like from bottled options at a lower price. Finding the best selection of bottleless water coolers is best done through professionals so you can enjoy it when you want.
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